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    A boutique mortgage broking service established since 1999.


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  • Why ASAP?

    Why use ASAP Financial Services ?


    Our qualities include :

    • We work for you  (we don't work for any one bank, lender or franchise group)
    • we don't do loans with EVERY lender, in fact we are selective as to the lenders we will use in terms of service and product mix offered.

    Frankly, the quality of service offered by some lenders is so poor we would not put them forward as a solution to our clients' needs.


    Around 8 out of 10 of the loans we place come from our existing referral base and repeat business. We think that means our clients like what we do for them.


    We do lots of “Bread and Butter” residential home & investment loan work but have become specialists in the “hard” stuff:

    • Blocks of Units on one title
    • Commercial Construction incl. Specialised security such as Medical and Child Care Centres
    • Small to Medium retail shops and shopping centres
    • SMSF Resi and Commercial
    • Specific holding structures such as Hybrid Discretionary Trusts

    We listen


    We listen, learn about and help clarify your needs and goals. Based on that varied input, we provide personalised, quality credit structuring advice in a concise written format. We ensure you understand the options available, regardless of how much time and effort this may take. Should you decide to implement our recommendations we will do most of the paperwork for you, chase the lenders, valuers, solicitors and other parties and keep you informed along the way.


    The vast majority of our business comes from satisfied existing clients and their referrals

    Established in 1999

    Between our 6 staff we have 50+ years of financial services experience.

    Thousands of transactions from $10k top ups to relationships exceeding $10 million.

    Our close knit mastermind mentor group settles in excess of 500 million per year. So we are confident someone will know how to get it done in the best way.

    Too big or too small to be a client of ASAP?

    You will probably be right at home with us at ASAP!


    Most of our clients are multiple investment property owners, in various types of structures, with net worths ranging from – 500k to well over 20 million.


    And, we like to work with First Home Buyers and First Investors - for this is where our Structured Finance Concept can have the most impact in the long term.

  • Our People

    We have a fantastic team at ASAP!

    Rolf Latham


    Rolf Latham is an Authorised Representative (No.399256 ) of BLSSA Pty Ltd

    Australian Credit Licence Number 391237

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    Rebecca Jackson

    Loans Processor

    • Now holds a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
    • Purchased first investment property in 2016, looking forward to purchasing her second next few years

    Rebecca has 10 years’ experience in the finance industry, specialising in mortgage broking since 2008. This has provided her with broad knowledge with home loans, personal loans & planning.


    Rebecca has been with ASAP Financial since 2011 as a Loans Processor, and has previous experience as a Mortgage Broker. She holds a certificate IV in Mortgage Broking, is a Commissioner of Declaration and is currently enrolled in her Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking to further her knowledge in this industry. Rebecca ’s role is to ensure the paperwork is done correctly to the lenders standard and to lodge and chase the application through to approval and settlement. She will ensure our clients get the best possibly outcome and enjoy their experience with ASAP Financial.
    Rebecca is a Mum of two, has been a home owner since 2007 and is looking forward to buying her second investment property in the next few years.

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    Joan Ilustre

    Loans Processor

    Joan completed her Accountancy Degree in 2007 and started her career in one of the largest local banks in her region. Throughout her time there she was promoted to be one of the youngest branch managers which gave her a significant experience banking industry resulted in recognizing her branch as one of the top-performing of the year.

    Joan started her stint in the brokerage industry in 2014. She works as a support system responsible for assisting brokers to meet their client expectations and fulfill their financial goals. She makes sure that all administration paperwork is accurately and efficiently completed.

    Joan is a loving wife and a mum to her beautiful son, Johan. Her interest outside of work is her passion for cooking and making time for her family. And of course, she also loves fashion, bags, and shoes.

  • Rates

    Often we will receive a phone call asking 'what is your best rate?'

    'What is your best rate?'

    Invariably the reponse to such a question is that this is not what ASAP seeks to do for our clients. ASAP Financial Services works with a wide range of lenders to get the best value proposition for YOU.


    We can almost guarantee that this will NOT be the lowest rate product in the market for that type. In any product or Service in a free market, there are 3 things you can measure :


    a) Price

    b) Quality

    c) Service


    Please choose any two that are most important to you. In an efficient market we would argue that it isn't possible to have all three.


    While there is latitude in the mortgage market you can not, for example, compare one mortgage manager's "fully featured" loan to a Professional package deal offered by the major lending institutions. It would be akin to comparing an orange and a carrot, while they are both food, and they appear to be the same colour, we all agree they taste different and are consumed in different ways !

    Our Difference

    By using structures that are tax effective (please seek personal tax advice) and cashflow effective, with products that allow flexibility in a changing environment,  allowing  you to grow your asset base more quickly, rate isnt as important as it may at first seem.

    Having said that, the rate you pay will mostly  be market competitive with similar products, we dont recommend products that are not cost effective unless there is a "borrower or scenario" reason to do so.

    We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by our uncompromising focus on finding the right match for your financing needs. The vast majority of our business comes from referrals generated by existing happy clients, and we think that speaks volumes for our service. 


    We offer products from a broad range of lenders. At any given time we may recommend one or more over others, dependent on your particular needs and financial circumstances. Talk to us about your specific requirements.

  • No Obligation Assessment

    Would you like Rolf Latham, the director of ASAP, to assess your financial situation and advise on the best loan and finance structure for your circumstance?
    Simply complete and email the attached form to info@asapfinancial.com.au and Rolf will get back to you as soon as possible. This is a no obligation service and is bound by our Privacy Policy.

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  • Testimonials

    Hiten R.

    Sept 2018

    Great service. Highly recommended

    John S.

    July 2018

    I am fully stoked by the service I received at ASAP financial.

    Carl W.

    Jan 2018

    As always, ASAP are the only broker you'd ever need :)


    Sept 2017

    So very helpful - went over and above to assist. Thanks again :)

    Derek B.

    Jan 2018

    The most responsive service I have received (over Xmas, while on holidays with family). Always willing to answer my questions, and I can tell from the responses, there is a genuine focus on our best interests versus self-interest.

    Matt H.

    Nov 2017

    Rolf is always informative and takes the time to explain things from clients perspective. Also makes you think and prompts for more questions to ensure he understands your needs and goals before tailoring solutions.

    Jen W.

    Feb 2017

    Rolf has been absolutely amazing. He is keeping me informed every step of the way. Very much appreciated.

    Srini S.

    Nov 2017

    Rolf is an wealth of knowledge and an absolute pleasure to deal with!

    He was able to take a complex lending scenario involving refinancing during the sale of two properties and the purchase of another with utmost ease.

    Samuel M.

    Jun 2016

    For many years you have served me and many of my friends and clients. You have provided excellent service to all of them that has been prompt, caring, efficient and timely.
    I see no area that you can further improve your work except to open an office in Sydney.

    John T.

    Nov 2015

    Its so great to have a broker like Rolf and his team !
    Jo & I really appreciate your efforts in steering us through the mire of lending, especially in the current lending environment.
    Thanks so much again.

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    PO Box 227
    Arundel QLD 4214
    1800 082 080